• Small Business Marketing Strategy

    I believe that all small businesses have the ability to market themselves well. Great small business marketing isn’t about throwing money at expensive advertising in a bid to try and compete with big businesses. Less is expected of small businesses when it comes to marketing, it’s therefore quite easy to […]

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  • Be in the right place

    Over the past few posts I have covered; how to get your product right for your target market, how to set the right price, and how to ensure your promotions reach your target market. This time we have one final consideration before you can start making your plan. Your products […]

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  • Setting The Right Price

    Pricing is a huge topic, for today I want to focus on price as a measure of value. Your customer’s perceived value of your product will partly depend on the price. Most people will automatically assume that a £25 product is better than a similar product costing £10. What perception […]

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  • Building A Constant Flow Of Customers

    This month, reconnect with past clients and customers and sell them something else. Do you have a database of people who have bought from you already? How could you get in touch with them? What could you offer that recognises your existing relationship? How can you make your offer limited […]

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  • What is Customer Satisfaction?

    Customer satisfaction occurs when the perceived value of a product is realised when the consumer purchases the product. Look at the following example; I go out for a meal, my expected benefits may include: a tasty meal, clean surroundings, good table service, friendly waiting staff, a place to hang my […]

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  • How To Increase Customer Value

    What is customer value? Customer value is the perceived range of benefits a consumer gains from purchasing a product or service minus the perceived sacrifices. For example let’s consider an eCourse. The benefits are: * Gaining knowledge * Improving your marketing skills * Gaining more customers as a result of […]

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  • Developing Your Marketing Strategy

    In this post I’ll cover the three keys to an efficient effective marketing strategy. 1. How does your cost per customer for marketing compare to your profit per customer? An efficient marketing campaign is one where the profit gleaned from the customers is higher than the cost of the marketing. […]

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  • Efficiency and Effectiveness

    Efficiency is being able to create products or offer services at a competitive price. Effectiveness is creating and offering the right products and services, the products and services that consumers desire and will buy. An inefficient, ineffective business won’t be in business very long. If you can’t make or offer […]

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  • Is Your Business Marketing Focused?

    The marketing concept can be understood as meeting your business goals whilst meeting, or preferably exceeding, your customer’s needs better than your competitors. You can do this in three ways; 1. Customer orientation Put the customer at the centre of your business. Consider how business decisions affect them and strive […]

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  • A breath of fresh air to the industry!In a short space of time Erica has transformed the Marketing of our business, we now have a 12 month, week to week plan and I feel that we have focus and direction rather then ambling along. The results she has achieved has surpassed our expectations. Erica is a pleasure to work with, she has made a conscious effort to get to know the entire team and every aspect of our Business. After years of dealing with Marketing Companies who promised the earth and delivered very little – Erica is a breath of fresh air to the Industry!
    Sam Hastings,Managing Director
  • Social Media Skills WorkshopErica presented a workshop at The 6th National VA Conference and Awards in 2012 on the topic of social media skills for Virtual Assistants. I have to say that this was one of the most interactive and fun workshops I have ever experienced as well as FULL of AMAZING content. Erica has a great talent for explaining how things work with social media so that you actually do understand it. My delegates and myself included, came away with some clear actions and real focus as well as motivation for this area. I would never hesitate to have Erica back…in fact she is now a guest writer for our VA Magazine on this topic.
    Carmen MacDougall,The VA Coaching and Training Company and The VA Magazine
  • The perfect guest speakerErica was a perfect guest speaker at MumsClub’s headline event last year. Her session was highly attended, where she presented relevant and timely information clearly and concisely. She displayed clear understanding of our target market and engaged with her audience who listened intently.
    Jane Hopkins MBE