10 Reasons to Create and Sell Your Own Information Products

I’ve sold lots of information products in the past, at one point it made up over 80% of my income, up to £10k per month. Here are ten reasons why you should consider it.

1. You get to focus on a passion

Who wouldn’t like to spend their days creating training on their passion, plus when you create something in a niche where you have extensive knowledge the results will be far better.

2. You can share your knowledge

I really enjoy sharing my knowledge and teaching others, especially if they take action and get the results they’re looking for.

3. You can build your reputation

Having products like eBooks and eCourses available to buy increases your expertise in your niche. This profile can lead to publishing deals and speaking engagements.

4. Low cost to create

Creating training from your expertise can be low cost if you use the array of free software and tools available on the internet.

5. High profit margins

Because online products can be low cost to create the profit margins can be higher than usual (between 80-100%!).

6. You have little or no competition

Create something based on your own expertise and no-one can truly compete with YOU.

7. You can work when it suits you

Creating training and books can be done any time of day or night, you get maximum freedom and for some, they can live the laptop lifestyle they have dreamed of.

8. Technology is your friend

There is an enormous amount of software and plenty of websites to make creating and selling your products easy

9. The market is ready for you

Even 10 years ago it could have been hard to find the people who needed your product: now social media and online networking is well developed so you can reach the people who need what you know easily

10. You can sell while you sleep …

… or have fun, or do your day job, or look after the kids or…

Once you have created your eBook or eCourse you can automate the selling process, schedule emails in advance and get on with the rest of your life.

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