Benefits of Online Marketing

Having a presence online is important to all businesses. Even if your business isn’t trading online, marketing online is a must. Here are the benefits;

1. Low cost

Many online marketing methods are low cost. Getting a basic website online costs as little as a few hundred pounds. Accounts on sites like Facebook and Twitter are free. A small budget of £50 or so will get you started purchasing ads on Google or Facebook.

2. High reach

You’re able to reach global markets online. The pool from which you can attract customers is vast. Once you’ve established a presence you can build your audience and your client base.

3. It’s interactive

Unlike many offline forms of marketing and advertising, online marketing offers high level of interactivity. Of course this brings its own challenges but the opportunity to converse with your customers is too good to miss. If you ever pondered the question – ‘What do my clients really want from me?’ – now you can just ask them!

4. Easy to target

It’s easy to target certain parts of your target audience using segmentation techniques. Email marketing is a great online marketing tool that makes segmentation really easy.

5. Analysis

Online analysis tools like Google Analytics gives you an inside view of what your audience reads, clicks on, buys etc.. It’s also free. Couple this with analysis tools in your email service provider and your Facebook account and you can build up some very valuable information.

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