Dare to Be Different

Does a lot of stuff feel very samey to you?

The same big companies selling us the same products. The same people coming up with ideas that have simply been rehashed. TV programmes which are reimagines but are in essence just the same as what has gone before.

In a globalised world it’s hard to find the different. The unique. It’s out there if you go searching for it: try folksy or etsy, pinterest is a good place to find unique stuff too. There is some new information out there too but you’ll rarely find it on the shelves of popular book shops. It’ll be on little known blogs in dark rarely visited corners of the internet, or in an eBook self published by an unknown writer.

The problem is we’ve all become a bit brainwashed I think. We’re bombarded by this sameness day in day out through media, and well, everything. If we see anything different or anyone sharing a new idea we can be quick to criticise or doubt its worthiness.

Some people though, like me, crave the new and unique.

And if you’re the one that has the new idea, do you worry that it can’t possibly be a good one? Or do you think, ‘surely someone else has thought this already’? Not necessarily so! You see, inside each one of us is a bank of uniqueness – nobody in the world has had the EXACT experiences that you have. Nobody has seen the world and all the experiences we’ve had through OUR eyes. Each one of us has a unique set of thoughts, ideas and theories that are waiting to be tapped.

Where are they?

Right below all that noise, all that sameness, and possibly below that voice that says ‘it can’t be any good’, that’s where the real gold is. Granted you might have to ‘pan’ for that gold amongst the silt and crap, but it’s there. If you can find the energy to go looking for that gold and the courage to share it with everyone, people will begin to take notice.

Dare to be different.

If you run a business what one thing could you start doing differently?

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  1. Becky
    Becky says:

    I think daring to be different is really important. I remember a while ago worrying that English Mum didn’t really fit into the mainstream categories, but on the plus side, I get advertisers from several different niches and a wider audience too. I’m embracing my ‘differentness’ a bit more now!

  2. Lyn Blackledge
    Lyn Blackledge says:

    Thanks for reminding us we do need to stand out from the crowd and we need to help and encourage others to do the same. I like being different although have been criticised for it. With encouragement from others such as you and Erica, I emerged from my long dark tunnel . That is what is so great about the lovely community of ladies that are all connected here. Keep encouraging and inspiring 🙂


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