How to Grow Your Business Organically

Growing a business organically is a very female trait in business, although in the current economic climate it can be the most viable and economically sound approach too. Last Summer I had the pleasure of hearing Laura Tenison, founder of Jojo Maman Bebe, speak at the Business Mums Summit. She’s grown her business organically with an initial self-funded investment of £50,000. She now runs a multi-million pound business and in 2010 won the Veuve Cliquot Business of the Woman of The Year in 2010. Laura is a serious business woman who is proud of her business’s organic growth and is a strong advocate of this approach to business for others too.

What is Organic Growth?

Organic growth can be defined as business growth that is achieved through using a business’s own resources as opposed to external investment. Simply put it means you use your business profits to re-invest and grow rather than seeking loans and investment.

How to grow using your business profits?

There are two ways for you to grow organically using your profits;

• Find new customers
– use your profits to find new markets for your products and services. New customers equal increased sales and more profit to re-invest.

• New benefits for existing customers
– use your profits to invest in new product lines or complementary services. You can increase your turnover and grow your business by selling more to your existing client base.

I have grown businesses organically and have proven to myself that it’s an achievable and rewarding way to run a business.

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  1. Debbie O'Connor
    Debbie O'Connor says:

    Motivating Mum has grown organically from the beginning. Alli Price, the founder, grew it organically and I am doing the same. I am very much happier growing slowly and growing at my own speed, than I would be taking a huge risk with a loan or outside investment.
    Now, after two years of running Motivating Mum I am growing through acquisition, and I have taken over Mums the Boss – this purchase is financed through the profits of Motivating Mum and will hopefully enable me to grow faster.


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