Sell More By Segmenting Your Market

Segmenting your market allows you to create marketing messages tailored for specific sections of your market. The more targeted your marketing, the more effective it is. There are several ways to segment your market. You can segment based on behaviour, psychographics or demographics. Let’s have a look at your options in each area.


• Age – do you have products/services that appeal to different ages?
• Socio-economic status – do you have different priced products that will appeal to people with different levels of disposable income?
• Geographic – If you have different locations for your business it makes sense to consider geographic segmentation
• Sex – Do you have products and services that target either men or women?


• Lifestyle – do some of your products appeal to people that have made certain lifestyle choices?
• Personality – people express themselves in different ways, do your products appeal to groups of people that have chosen to express themselves in a particular way?
• Occasion – do certain sections of your market by on specific occasions eg fathers day, Christmas..
• Usage – you can segment your audience based on how often they purchase from you
• Benefits – your audience will be purchasing your products for different reasons. If you segment clients based on the benefits they seek you can gear your marketing to those benefits.

This only covers some of the ways you can segment your audience. The right way for your business is the way that allows you to market more effectively. Start with the problem, or what you want to achieve and then choose the segmentation strategy to match.

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