Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

You’ve no doubt heard the saying that if your business isn’t growing then it’s dying.

There is no comfort zone in business. If you’re not progressing then your competition are either catching up or overtaking you. That is the challenge of business. It’s why I love it. I get bored when I hit a comfort zone where repetition is all that’s required. An entrepreneur’s brain is one that constantly wants to find better ways of doing things. Sometimes your confidence and aversion to risk can get in the way of that.

I like this quote by Mario Andretti “If everything seems under control you’re not going fast enough”

Is everything under control in your business? Are you just pootling along? Is it time to move it up a gear? If you don’t have a business are you coasting in life and not really pushing yourself?

Ways to get out of your comfort zone;

1. Upgrade your business processes. Get automating and outsourcing.

2. Upskill. Gain new knowledge to take your business forward or new skills that will allow you to offer new services.

3. Innovate. Create something new, do something different.

4. Conversion testing. Every business has the ability to make more money. Sometimes you can’t see the glaring opportunities in your own business. Get a mentor to uncover the hidden opportunities and untapped £££’s

What will you do TODAY to get out of your comfort zone and grow your business?

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