How to Create a Great Advert

Advertising is expensive so you need to ensure that you maximise the investment by ensuring your advert is the best it can be.

“How can I do this?” I hear you ask.

Don’t you hate it when people write cheesy lines like that?

Well there’s one tip, avoid cheesy lines! But onto some serious tips;

1. Speak English!

Your advert should use the language your customers use, not the language you use. I’m not saying that if your punters are a sweary bunch that you start effing and blinding in your ad, rather that not everyone might use the technical jargon you use. Keep the customer in mind at all times. Think about how they will they understand your message?

2. Don’t be self-obsessed

Your customers may not care about how the engine in your car performs at a higher level because of the *insert technical jargon here*, what they do want to know are the benefits. Will it get them somewhere fast? Will it make them look cool? Will they gain more lady friends as a result of driving your car? In short, what’s in it for them?

3. Don’t be vague

Where you’re providing information, be specific and provide evidence to back up any claims.

4. Provide a meaningful headline

You have one chance to grab someone’s attention. According to the late advertising expert David Ogilvy your headline should do one or more of the following;

o Promise a benefit
o Provide news
o Offer a service
o Tell a relevant story
o Identify a problem
o Provide a testimonial

5. Keep it brief, and if you can’t keep it brief, keep it easy to read

Only use long copy if it is absolutely necessary and relevant for the audience. Break copy up by using shorter paragraphs and sentences. There should be plenty of white space, dense text can be off putting.

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