How to Create a Marketing Campaign

Do you need to get your message out there but aren’t sure where to start?

Marketing is an integral part of your business and creating and implementing an effective marketing campaign will help your spread your message and increase sales.

1. Start with a clear strategy

Before you begin you should be clear on the following;

o What my business does
o What my brand stands for
o How I compete eg on quality, price or other
o Who my target market is
o Where my target market are, where they shop, what media they consume etc.
o What makes my products and services different or special

If you do not know the answer to these questions you will not be able to create an effective marketing campaign and will effectively be guessing. Do some market research to fill the gaps until you have all the answers.

2. Set objectives for your campaign

What are you trying to achieve with this campaign?

What message are you trying to convey?

3. Create a message for your campaign

4. Decide on promotional channels

There are six ways to promote your business. From this list select the ones that will best help you communicate the message to the audience you’re trying to reach. It is unlikely that you will use every promotional channel, you will require the right blend for the most effective campaign.

5. Set a budget

Once you have identified the communication channels you will use you should set a budget and decide how this budget will be split amongst the channels selected.

6. Start your campaign

With a clear strategy in place, objectives set, a message created, promotional channels selected and a budget allocated you can now implement your campaign.

7. Review your campaign

An important final step is to evaluate your campaign.

o Did your campaign send the right message?
o Did your campaign reach the people you wanted to?
o Were the campaign objectives met?
o Did the promotional channels you selected perform as you wanted them to?
o Did your campaign come in on budget?
o Which aspects of your campaign were a success?
o Which aspects of your campaign could be improved upon in the future?

This step provides you with valuable information for future campaigns. Keep refining your campaigns for marketing success.

If you need help designing a campaign you can contact us here.

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