Six Ways You Can Promote Your Business

No doubt you’re familiar with the 4 p’s of the marketing mix; Product, Price, Place, Promotion

In this post I want to look at the six ways you can Promote your business.


Let’s start with another ‘P’ – Publicity. Publicity covers any media coverage you might gain for yourself or your business. You can increase the likelihood of press coverage by sending regular press releases and answering journalists’ requests. On Twitter journalists use the hashtag #journorequest when they are looking for case studies and stories. Another good way to gain media coverage is through winning awards.

Internet marketing

You can and should use a blend of social media, email marketing, website/blog to help raise awareness and drive traffic to your business. The internet allows a global reach and you can use statistical analysis to ensure that your time is being spent efficiently and effectively.


Often confused with marketing, advertising is a very specific type of promotional activity. Advertising covers any paid type of promotion of your product, this can be on tv, radio, or in magazines and on websites. Advertising should be used to raise awareness amongst your target market. Contrary to popular belief it doesn’t always drive sales and it does require consistent action. Use it in combination with other promotion techniques for success.

Personal selling

Covers any person-to-person selling situation. Encompasses tele-sales and live selling situations such as at markets or trade fairs. Personal selling is a good way to close sales and build relationships but it takes a lot of time and can work out very expensive.

Direct marketing

Direct marketing is the distribution of marketing materials direct to your target audience. A few of the most popular strategies are door to door leafleting, handing out flyers and direct mail shots. Response rates are notoriously low, but this strategy can be effective in certain niches with access to the right target market.

Sales promotion

Often over used by small businesses, sales promotions cover any offers or discounting designed to boost sales over the short term. A good tactic to raise sales but should be used sparingly.

How will you use these SIX ways to promote your business to create a marketing campaign that delivers?

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