The Gentle Way to Sell More Effectively

Lots of people don’t like selling, especially if they’re selling themselves or their own products. Perhaps you think it’s being pushy, or maybe you’ve been on the receiving end of an over enthusiastic sales person, but sales doesn’t have to be a chore.

Here are my tips on how to sell more effectively

Ask Questions

It’s easy enough. Ask questions and take a genuine interest in your customer. This builds rapport and you gain valuable information to boot.

Provide information

Answer customer questions, offer information and make comparisons. This gives power to the customer who may make the buying decision for themselves based on the information you provide.

Agree with customers

It’s very difficult to change someone’s mind once they’ve made it. As a salesperson you’re better to acknowledge customers viewpoints and offer alternatives that better fit their needs.

Make the customer feel at ease

Take a relaxed approach to selling, become a support to the customer during the buying process rather than a stressful loud speaker in their ear. A relaxed customer will be more likely to make the right buying decision.

Be confident

A good level of confidence on your part will automatically make the customer feel like they’re in good hands. Be confident in your ability to help the customer.

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