Tips for Working on the Move

A combination of family holidays, work and blogger trips mean that I end up going away several times a year. I could walk away from work if I wanted to as I can schedule much of the work I need to do ahead but I secretly enjoy doing some light work while I’m away.

The more trips I’ve been on the better I’ve become at packing for and doing work on the move. Here are some of my tips for working on the move and the tools that make it possible.


Going away inevitably means travelling and waiting time. An iPhone or a tablet with 3G capability are perfect for those moments when you’re just hanging around. You can catch up on all your emails, and fire off a few quick responses ensuring you stay on top of the email flow.

Trains, Planes and Automobiles

Long journeys and a lack of 3G is a great time for writing, editing and blogging. When I was writing my books I could knock out a chapter during a long journey.

If I’m not writing a book then magazines and papers usually give me blog post inspiration so I’ll handwrite a few, or type them on my iPad ready to publish when I get home.

Morning and Evenings

I don’t feel I’ve properly woken up until I’ve done my morning work routine, it’s like a morning cuppa for me. I do about 45 mins – 1hr before anyone gets up – checking emails, website stats, and updating Facebook advertising campaigns. It keeps everything ticking over and puts my mind at ease for the rest of the day.

In the evening I might write a few blog posts. I usually get inspiration throughout the day and writing is a nice way to unwind.

My laptop or iPad and charger is all I need and takes up hardly any space. Wifi can be expensive in hotels but when I weigh it up against the work I produce when I’m away and not having to catch up when I get back then I usually come to the conclusion that it’s worth it.

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