Delighting Your Customers Through Added Value

added valueWith customers having less to spend it’s ever more important to make sure they’re spending their disposable income with you. A loyal group of customers can keep your business afloat in turbulent waters.

As budgets are squeezed discount stores and fast food outlets are thriving. Don’t be fooled into thinking consumers aren’t prepared to purchase high end or luxury products though, just look at the sales figures of Apple.

My husband and I recently took a trip to Stobo Castle, Scotland’s only destination spa(!) After a stressful year and a house move we were more than ready for it. Of course it was all fantastic but there was one specific complimentary service that stood out – a complimentary car wash. Not a massive thing you might think but it was completely unexpected, and certainly something they could charge for.

On the morning of our second day we happened to be heading back to our room whilst one of the outdoor staff was washing our car. He was happily going about his business with his power washer washing all the cars. I can’t imagine it was costing the company much, it certainly wasn’t a full time job. As the cars were getting a wash, so were the parking areas. By the time he’d finished, the car park and cars were gleaming, a much more ‘luxury’ sight for new arrivals.

We were thrilled with the ‘extra treat’. The car had been in deseperate need of a wash and it was lovely to have it done for us while we were being pampered.

Despite a wonderful experience, excellent food and a comfortable bed what was it my husband chose to mention on Facebook? That’s right, the complimentary car wash.

Why? Because it was ‘added value’, it was unexpected. We expected a great spa, high quality food and a comfortable room. If these expectations hadn’t been met we would have been disappointed. It’s the things that you do that are unexpected and valuable to your customers that delight them.

Delighted customers will tell all their friends and acquaintances about their positive experience.

Word of mouth marketing is the most valuable kind of marketing, this is how you achieve it. Provide unexpected added value to your customers and they will love you forever.

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