Blog Post Ideas For Your Small Business

One of the questions I get asked ALL the time is how you can come up with new content consistently for your business blog.

The first exercise I would suggest is the one I demonstrate in this video – 40 Blog Post Ideas in 5 Minutes. This video is *really* old so please excuse the quality, the content is still relevant.

The technique shown in the video will ensure a constant stream of new ideas. In addition to this technique I also gain ideas from the following;


– I have a few of my favourite papers delivered each week. As I’m reading I ask myself; how does this apply to my business? What could my readers learn from this? How is this relevant to me? What can I learn? Each week I come up with multiple post ideas by doing this exercise.

Interaction with clients

– As a micro business I have plenty of opportunity to engage with readers and clients one to one. The insights I gain are invaluable. In the back of my mind I’m always thinking about what content I can create that will help my clients solve their problems.

Google analytics

– Every so often I will do some deeper analysis of the most popular content on my sites. If I notice topics that are particularly popular I’ll think of other related articles which may also be helpful.

Business blogging is very much a habit. When you get into a routine of coming up with new ideas it’s hard to switch it off.

For more on blogging see Blogging: The Essential Guide.

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