Doing The ‘Money Work’ First

I was speaking to someone recently about our respective working days. Mine always starts with work, hers with household chores. I was reminded of my early days of self employment when I too would prioritise household and administrative tasks. I quickly learned that if I wanted to make my own money then I would have to start prioritising it.

Nowadays I do my ‘money work’ first. What exactly do I mean by that?

I work out exactly where all my money comes from and I start my day by working on the jobs that directly make me the most money.

I work backwards during the day. So by the afternoon I’m probably working on new potential income streams. By early evening I’m doing housework and everything else. No money equals no house to clean, that’s why it’s important for me to get the money in first.

The only thing I break my rule for is family. Because in my life family becomes above money on my priority list.

How do you organise your working day?

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  1. Tasha Goddard
    Tasha Goddard says:

    The same, pretty much. Family comes first – but I think they also help you to prioritise better. Multi-tasking can be useful (e.g. loading dishwasher while talking to children), but sometimes it’s important to sit down and give them total attention. I really like having dedicated working hours these days and only digging into the other time when absolutely necessary – I get far, far more done in my dedicated working hours than I did in twice that time before children.


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