Start Up Tips: Skill Trades

When you’re starting up, trading skills makes a lot of sense. You trade your skills for the skills that you require – everyone’s a winner. While skill trades are most common among businesses just starting up I think they have a place beyond that. Here are some skills that I’d nearly always be happy to trade for;

1. Website Design/management

I can do the basics but my skills don’t extend to design or website creation. Website design can be costly so it’s a great skill to trade.

2. Logo design/other design work

Professional logos look much better than anything amateur that I could come up with.

3. Ebook formatting/proofreading

Ebooks hold more value when they’ve been professionally put together, as do eCourses.

4. Blog posts/newsletters/training content

I’m always open to considering ‘knowledge swaps’, these are great when you want to fill gaps in your knowledge. You can trade guest posts, training sessions or video tutorials.

Before paying for services, consider whether a mutually beneficial trade is possible. The women in business community is pretty tight and there are always people that are open to these sort of deals.

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