iStock_000016220503MediumI like the idea of a micro business; a small enterprise that is rewarding and helps you meet your life goals.

A micro business is officially defined as a business that has five or less employees and a turnover of less than two million euros.

I love my micro business, I get to do what I love and it’s very lean and easy to manage. Micro businesses are usually launched with very little money but a lot of energy and creativity.

A micro business is something that we can all aim at. At its simplest it may just be a second income stream to support you in achieving your lifestyle blueprint.

There are three steps to creating a successful micro business;


First you need to attract customers. You do this by getting your marketing right and creating a ‘lead generation systeam’ that keeps a consistent flow of customers coming to your business.


Second you must retain the highest proportion of customers you can. You do this through delighting your customers.


The third step is to create a high level of loyalty among a portion of your customer base. We’re talking about people who wax lyrical about what you do to everyone they meet. You achieve this by delighting them over and over again.

With a small business you can afford to deal with people in an intimate way which can make achieving the above much easier. Use your micro business status to your advantage, sell your uniqueness and maximise your ability to deliver great customer service. Be the antidote to the large companies, many consumers now desire that personal touch. Focus on the value you can offer.


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