Happiness is a Mindset

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Those who always want something more will always live in poverty, regardless of how much they earn. While those who are content with what they have will always feel they have an abundance

Mark Boyle, The Moneyless Man

Happiness is a mindset. You can choose to be happy or you can choose to be miserable. The vast majority of us have more than enough in the way of life’s essentials to feel incredibly fortunate. We should feel content most of the time.

Start training yourself to adopt a happiness mindset today;

Get comfortable with what you have. If you’re constantly worrying and stressing about what you don’t have you will miss the opportunities that allow you to make the incremental improvements that enhance your life.

Focus on what is good already. There’s always the opportunity for ‘more’ or ‘better’. If you take the attitude that you’ll be happy only when you reach some future goal then you’ll never be happy because there’s always something more or better that you could have.

Take pleasure in the journey. Choose to be happy right now and enjoy the incremental improvements you make along the way.

Happiness is in your head. Find satisfaction in the simple things and enjoyment in making small improvements.

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