9 Basic SEO Tips for New Businesses

SEO stands for search engine optimisation. Search Engine Optimisation helps your business gain visibility in search engines. Better visibility means more traffic to your site and more sales. You can begin implementing these tips immediately.

1. Blog post title

Ensure that your post titles, where relevant, include your keywords and phrases. Your chosen keywords and phrases should match the kind of terms your potential customers would search for.

2. Edit your permalinks

Once you’ve created your blog post a permalink is created directly beneath the title. Edit this permalink to take out any superfluous words eg 10 Kids Days Out in Scotland becomes Kids Days Out Scotland

3. Use your keywords and phrases within your post

Where it’s natural use your keywords and phrases within your post, particularly in the first paragraph.

4. Use header tags

Highlight headers or important points (keywords and phrases) using a header tag, example here – header tag. Search engines give more relevance to words inside a header tag.

5. Links within your post

The first link within your post is given most relevance, help your readers and boost your search engine ranking by linking to relevant articles on your own blog.

6. Images

When uploading your images make use of the title field and alternate text field. Put a title that is a basic description of the picture in the title field, use your keyword or phrase in the alternate text field.

7. Tag your posts

Tag your posts with relevant keywords describing your posts. For example I would tag this post with ‘SEO’.

8. Categorise your post

Use the category function on your site to organise content for readers and identify specific topics on your site.

9. In links

If you’re linking to yourself from another site, link to yourself using the appropriate keywords or phrase. When you have enough incoming links for certain keywords and phrases, search engines will recognise you as an authority on the topic helping you to achieve better rankings.

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