Are You Missing Opportunities?

The world is full of opportunities. Some people are natural opportunity spotters, others have trained themselves to be so. As an entrepreneur one of the things you need to get really good at is spotting the opportunities that will allow you to move closer to your goals. Here are some reasons why you may be missing opportunities and how you can rectify that.

1. No clear vision

You need to have a clear vision if you want your subconscious mind to spot the right opportunities. If you don’t know what you’re looking for, how do you expect to find it? Create a vision board, a business plan, a goals chart…anything that makes it clear (and drums it into your subsconscious mind) what you are trying to achieve.

2. Victim mentality

The victim mentality isn’t usually present in the average entrepreneur. The victim mentality is preferring to fail or be involved with something negative to reinforce the belief that you’re a failure, or that you are unlucky. To be successful you have to believe that you have the potential to be successful. Having the attitude that everything is a scam or major risk is not going to help you spot good opportunities. Always ask yourself; what do I stand to gain? what do I risk losing?

3. Making presumptions

When you spot an opportunity, or you are presented with an opportunity, do your own research and due dilligence. Don’t accept the first bit of bad feedback you read, or one person’s negative viewpoint. Do your homework. Find out everything you can and seperate fact from what is hearsay and opinion. Make sure that if you are gathering opinions that you source from a wide range. Weight those opinions based on the trust, respect and success that person holds. If you hear negative feedback consider whether the person standing before you has made a success of their lives, is their experience likely to be a valid one? Build up your own evidence and then make a call on whether you think it is a good opportunity.

4. A lack of confidence/fear of failure

On spotting an opportunity you almost immediately begin to think of either how you can make a success of it or how many stumbling blocks and obstacles there will be. Most people do the latter and this stops them from ever acting on an opportunity. They are the people that thought up the wheel before anyonelse and then watched as someone made millions from ‘their idea’. The reality is that you can’t solve all the problems in advance of beginning, you have to take a leap of faith and trust that you will find the solutions you need as you go.

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