Who or what will pay you in 3-5 years?

MMM 20 ImageHave you considered where your income will come from in three years time? What about in five years time?

The only thing we can be sure of is that life is uncertain, we’re all in a constant state of change. Twenty years ago people may have felt secure in their jobs, today that is not so. No longer can we buy pic ‘n’ mix from Woolworths, and we can’t nip into Virgin for a CD. Who knows what change will come next. It could be easy to become fearful of such change but the correct response is to become just as changeable.

The key to managing the risk of change is to be flexible. Develop multiple skills. Create multiple streams of income. Don’t rely on one other person to provide you with your entire income. However secure things might seem now, the situation might be very different in five years time. Keep one eye on opportunities that are available now, and one eye on where your income could come from in five years time. Keep up to date, if not ahead, of market changes.

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