How to Design and Carry Out a Survey: Part 2


<You can read part one of this series here: How to Design and Carry Out a Survey Part 1

Finding the right sample

When doing a survey it’s important that you reach the right type of people. If you are doing market research for a new product or service you may be looking at accessing a broad audience. For example if you are thinking about opening a new ladies hair and beauty salon on the high street then your ‘sample’ should be something like women between 18-70 that live in a specific mile radius of the location as this will be my target market. You don’t need to know what men think!

Going back to our parrot enthusiasts my target audience will be;

Parrot owners that are quite enthusiastic but that perhaps haven’t been into parrot keeping for a very long time.

Long-time parrot enthusiasts will likely have the knowledge I’m hoping to sell already.

I can access my target market by partnering with
forum managers, businesses that have email lists of parrot enthusiasts or by utilising my own contacts and email list if I have one.

I could also set up a ‘market research blog’ to canvas opinion.

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