How To Design and Carry Out a Survey: Part 5


Read How to Design and Carry Our a Survey Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4 first.

Collating and Analysing Your Survey Results

If you’ve asked the right questions and managed to get a good number of responses your survey responses should be fairly easy to read and analyse. You may feel you have all the information you require, however a good market researcher always considers the biases before acting on the information. A few things worth considering before taking the plunge;

  • Could your target audience have been too reflective of one age range, gender or demographic that could have inaccurately weighted results?
  • Were there any errors in your survey that could have elicited inaccurate responses?
  • Remember people who feel very strongly about a subject will be more likely to respond, could this have swayed results?
  • Respondents often like to appear more intelligent or more agreeable when being surveyed. Could this have swayed results significantly?
  • If you’re comfortable that the survey is a fair reflection of your target audience then move onto acting upon the information.

    If you have doubts then ‘triangulate’ or back up your survey with other research methods e.g. face to face interviews, focus group etc.

    I hope you’ve found this series on surveying useful and that you now feel confident to being carrying out your own market research.

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