5 Easy Ways To Grow Your Email List

Email Marketing

How big is your email list? Is it big enough to ensure that your emails create a rush of sales and a welcome boost in income?

Here are five easy ways to grow your email list today.

1. Sign up page

Make it easy for people to sign up by having a dedicated page on your site which you can link to from social media accounts and your website.

2. Sign up box above fold

Not only should you have an email newsletter sign up box on the home page of your website, it should also be ‘above the fold’ (visible without scrolling) if you want to attract the maximum amount of sign ups. I’ve been looking at lots of Scottish businesses over the last couple of days and have found that in the majority of cases the email sign up is a tiny link or a box at the very foot of the page. I can’t imagine the sign up rate is very high.

Prioritise your email sign up box to increase subscribers.

3. Offer an incentive

Customers are reluctant to hand over an email address nowadays. Incentivise the sign up by offering a voucher, discount or gift.

4. Fill your newsletter with great content and/or offers

It’s no good increasing subscribers if you’re losing an equal amount because of poor content or lack of enticing offers. Keep your subscribers engaged, treat them well with good content and goodies.

5. Collect addresses instore and at events

Keep thinking of new ways to collect the email addresses of your customers. I’ve been asked for mine instore, at events and even in return for a discount at the checkout.

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