Are You Doing Regular Blog Maintenance?

Blog Maintenance

Doing regular blog maintenance is not the most exciting of tasks, it is entirely necessary though if you want your blog to perform at its best. I find the best way is to spend 15-30 minutes a day doing it, a bit like ironing it makes it feel more manageable! Here are some of the tasks I perform during that time.

1. Deleting out of date posts

If the first thing a visitor sees on your blog is a time sensitive post that is now out of date, it gives the impression that the site is not maintained and may not be worth exploring further. I try and keep on top of it by periodically going through archived posts to ensure they are still relevant.

2. Fixing broken links

For similar reasons to those stated above I like to make sure that the links on my blogs are all working. I use the broken link checker plugin to highlight broken links for me.

3. Updating plugins

Plugins are regularly updated with new features. It only takes a moment to update a plugin and ensure you have the latest features.

4. Answering comments

I tend to do this as I go along but occasionally I’ll notice a comment during maintenance and I’ll answer it.

5. Updating pages

About pages and other pages become dated periodically. I’ll update any old information and change photos and contact information to make sure it’s all accurate.

6. Search engine optimisation

I was recently recommended the Yoast plugin for SEO, it’s the easiest and most effective plugin I’ve used for SEO. I spend a good amount of time improving the SEO on older posts.

7. Split Testing

Finally, if I’m working on improving conversion on a website then I’ll review split testing figures, implement changes and set up new tests.

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