Branding Your Business Online


Your brand online should reflect your brand offline. A congruent and confident brand will attract more of the right type of customers. Here are a few things you should consider when branding your business online;


Make sure you incorporate your logo into your website, email newsletters and social media accounts. Do choose the same logo across all platforms, you want your customers to know it is you.


If you have a good strapline this can be used on your website and your social media profile pages to further cement your brand online.


Look at the colours you use in your physical marketing material and use the same colours online. You want you business to be instantly recognisable offline and online. The brand needs to feel seamless, regardless of where you are.


You will have an idea of the kind of images that create the look and feel you want for your business. Build up a folder of these images that you can use across your offline and online marketing.

Values & Actions

Your brand should communicate the values your business stands for. If your product only uses organic ingredients then this should be a part of your branding and communications.

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