7 Ways To Build Your Business Email List

Email Marketing

I’ve been working with a client based just outside Livingston. One of our first goals has been to create and build an email list for her business so that she can communicate directly with her clients. Here are seven ways you can grow your email list.

1. Sign up form on website including a page with a simple to remember URL.

Bonus tip – make sure your sign up form is ‘above the fold’, the visitor should see it without scrolling.

Go the extra mile – invite people to subscribe to your email address in the foot of blog posts

2. Make sure all your current customers are on your list.

Bonus tip – offer an incentive at checkout for them to sign up to your list

Go the extra mile – create a strong ongoing reason for them to remain on your list. VIP lists with ongoing goodies for regular customers work really well for certain businesses.

3. Run a competition with one of the entry requirements being to sign up to your email list.

Bonus tip – when the person signs up, have an automated responder email offering something that introduces them to what your business offers

4. Hold a webinar or online training event.

Bonus tip – offer an automated eCourse at the end of your webinar which attendees can opt in to receive

5. Install a pop over or pop under using a tool like Hello Bar, it’s controversial but does increase sign ups.

Bonus tip – offer an incentive to sweeten the deal

6. Launch a ‘refer a friend’ friend scheme with a special incentive

Bonus tip: Give the ‘friend’ something to introduce them to what your business offers

Go the extra mile: Hold a special event or open evening to introduce your new contacts to your business

7. Hold a live event and collect email addresses from attendees.

Bonus tip: incentivise by holding a prize draw for everyone who gives an email address

If you need help with your email marketing, you can contact me here.

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