How To Increase Traffic To Your Business Blog

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I was talking the other day about the three keys to a successful business blog. One of the keys was ensuring that your blog received ‘traffic’, otherwise known as readers or visitors. In this post I want to give you three easy ways to increase the traffic to your business blog.

Great Content

People visit your blog for informative or entertaining content. If your blog is full of content that no one is interested in then you’re not going to get much traffic. Create a posting schedule for your blog content, ensure that it remains fresh and interesting to your audience. Keep posts relevant to the topic and think about ways you can help your readers. If you help your readers then they will return.

Search Engine Optimisation

If one of the goals for your blog is to help you rank better in search engines and attract prospective customers then you need to ensure that your blog is tightly focused on your niche. The more you use words and phrases connected to your niche, the better chance there is of you attracting the right sort of clients. You can use a WordPress plugin called Jetpack which takes the mystery out of effective search engine optimisation.


If you write it, they won’t necessarily come – you have to tell people about the posts you’ve written. Share the link in your newsletter and on your social media pages. Encourage people to subscribe to the blog and become an engaged participant. Hopefully they’ll go on to share it with friends too.

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