Three Steps to A Successful Business Blog

business blog

You’ve decided to integrate a business blog into your business website. Great decision! A blog can really help your business website to make sales and turn interested parties into loyal clients. Here are the three key steps to creating a successful business blog.


The first thing you want your blog to do is attract traffic. Search engines love fresh content so this should happen naturally as you start writing your blog. You also want to promote your blog to your current clients, you can do this through your email newsletter, your social media channels and any physical marketing you have.

Loyal Audience

The second step is to turn that traffic into a loyal audience. Traffic that comes and quickly leaves will never convert into a loyal customer. Your blog should offer content that is of interest to the client (not necessarily what’s of interest to you!) as well as ways to comment, interact and subscribe.


The final part is ensuring that your loyal audience converts into sales and loyal clients. You can do this by embedding links to products and services within your content and constantly reminding your audience of the ways in which you can help them (see below!)

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