30 Services An Online Marketing Consultant Can Provide For Your Business

Erica Douglas Online Marketing

1. Marketing audit
2. Creating a marketing plan
3. Blog set up
4. Content generation
5. Editing and blog management
6. Keyword research
7. Statistics analysis
8. Management of advertising/monetisation
9. Article marketing (building in links)
10. Optimising a blog for search engines (SEO)
11. Collating contacts and databases and setting up an email marketing system
12. Writing newsletters
13. Email marketing management
14. Email marketing analysis
15. Managing a PPC campaign
16. Moderating forums
17. Set up of Facebook page
18. Updating/management of Facebook
19. Set up of Twitter
20. Providing monthly tweets
21. Managing Twitter
22. Set up/management of LinkedIn
23. Set up of YouTube
24. Creation/editing of videos
25. Online marketing consultancy
26. eCourse creation
27. Management of an affiliate scheme
28. Management of eCommerce
29. Creation and management of promotions
30. Creating a report of sales/conversion

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