How To Create Your First Email List

Email Marketing

What is an email list?

An email list is a collection of email addresses that have opted in to receive correspondence from a business or individual, this usually involves the owner of the email address ‘opting in’ to receive a newsletter, updates or an e-course.

Why should you build an email list?

An email list provides you with a direct and instant means of communication. It’s low cost and highly effective. Customers who have opted in to your newsletter buy on average 157% more than those who don’t.

How to create an email list?

The most efficient way to create your email list is by using an ESP or Email Service Provider. There are many ESP’s to choose from, if you search in Google for ’email service provider’ a selection will come up. I’ve used Aweber, Constant Contact and MailChimp and have found all to be perfectly adequate. Some ESPs offer additional analytical and reporting functions which can be useful for advanced email marketing.

Once you’ve signed up with an ESP and followed the instructions you will reach a point where you’re able to get code for a sign up form template which you can paste into your blog or website. When someone signs up their email address and details are captured by the ESP, you’re then free to send emails which are known as either broadcasts or follow ups from the dashboard of your ESP.


A broadcast is an email that you send to your entire email list or a segment of your email list in real time. An example of a broadcast would be your monthly newsletter.

Followup or Autoresponder Series

A followup is an email that is sent to members depending on when they signed up. This usually starts with a welcome email. This can develop into a series of emails that takes the email subscriber on a journey. This is known as an email marketing campaign and they are designed with specific business or marketing objectives in mind.

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