Marketing Your Small Business On The Move

As a small business owner your time can be stretched. You may be working ‘in’ your business as well as ‘on’ it and marketing can fall down the priority list. In the short term the negative impact of this may not be immediately obvious, but weeks or months of neglect will begin to show in your customer base and your turnover.

Promoting your business and communicating with your clients needs to be a consistent activity whether it’s carried out by you, or by a dedicated marketing professional.

Marketing is a compound effect thing, the marketing you do today will reap rewards in the future. If you sow no seeds today, there will be no harvest next year, or in the years to come.

You need to do at least a little bit of marketing every single day if you want your business to grow in the future.

If you’re doing your own marketing it helps to make it part of your daily routine and having certain materials and gadgets with you can make it much easier.

Business Cards

Carry your business cards wherever you go, you never know when you’re going to meet someone that should have one.


You never know when marketing ideas will strike, have something to hand to capture ideas. I still like a paper notebook and pen but an iPhone or iPad is an efficient way of doing it too.

Mobile phone

Between appointments is a good time to make a few marketing calls. Many business owners prefer to communicate via email but speaking to someone over the phone can help you create a more beneficial working relationship. Work on setting a up a few mutually beneficial partnerships per week.


A tablet or smartphone is perfect for updating social media accounts and communicating with clients. You can also update your blog and create newsletters on the move. By downloading a few apps it’s amazing what can be achieved during what may usually be dead time.


I love travelling, I find it’s my best source of inspiration. It’s good to keep up with your marketing on the move, but don’t be so busy doing the do that you miss the opportunity to develop new ideas. Don’t underestimate the value in just having some free time to think.

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