Sending Your First Business Newsletter

Email Marketing

You’ve set up your first email list and you have attracted some subscribers. The next step is to send your first business newsletter.

A newsletter is easy to create and deliver. Most email service providers have several templates to choose from and you simply complete information in the different areas and send as a ‘broadcast’. You can embed links and add images to make it look more professional.


You can create fresh content or use content from your archives. Many newsletters will combine a bit of fresh content along with highlights from their writings around the web.


It’s entirely up to you and will depend on your audience and your goal. You’re aiming for often enough to feel that you haven’t lost touch, but not too often to make someone want to unsubscribe, although some unsubscribes are inevitable. Personally I feel it depends on the quality of content as to how often I like to receive a newsletter, keep the quality of the content and promotions up and you’ll get away with sending more often.

Drive Traffic

Use your newsletter to drive traffic to your blog or other online projects. You can do this by embedding linkbacks within your newsletter.

Build Loyalty

Build loyalty by offering unique content and special offers to the most engaged section of your audience.


You can monetise your newsletter by selling private advertising slots, embedding affiliate links, or promoting your own products and services.

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