Starting Your First Business Blog

business blog

In this post I’m covering the basic steps you need to take to start your first business blog.

Choosing Topic Areas

The first step to starting a blog is deciding what you’ll write about. Think about your business and the kind of information your clients might need and enjoy. List four to six main topic areas that you will cover, when you get started this list will ensure you stay on topic.

Choosing a Name

Where possible choose a name that is either the same or very similar to your business or, if you’re starting something brand new try and choose a name that encompasses what your blog will be about, this will help with search engine rankings later.

Choose something that is easy for your readers to remember, as a new blogger you need people to remember you if you are to gain a strong readership.

Choosing How To Host Your Blog

You have two clear choices;

• Start a blog on a free platform
• Buy a domain name and use as your blogging platform

As your blog is for business purposes, I would recommend getting one that is integrated in to your site.

Choosing a Look For Your Blog

Your business blog should mirror the branding of your business. If you business has quite a corporate feel you may decide to relax this slightly for your blog.


Consider the information you want to share via your blog. As well as blog articles you may want to promote your email list, encourage people to connect on social media, and of course encourage sales. Plan where all these things will go in advance of having your blog designed, it’s much easier to integrate these functions at the design stage.

Get a Professional Design

Once you have an idea how you want your blog to look and feel, employ the services of a good web designer. It’s worth paying someone to produce a professional site that will assist you in growing your business in the future.

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