Is Your Business Marketing Focused?

Marketing Focused

The marketing concept can be understood as meeting your business goals whilst meeting, or preferably exceeding, your customer’s needs better than your competitors.

You can do this in three ways;

1. Customer orientation

Put the customer at the centre of your business. Consider how business decisions affect them and strive to always satisfy, if not delight them. If you look after your customers, they will look after you.

2. Integrated effort

Any staff or departments should have customer satisfaction as a central aim. In a small business this may not mean ‘staff and departments’ literally, but when you as the business owner are wearing your many hats ‘marketing director’, ‘accountant’, ‘salesperson’, the customer and their satisfaction should always be at the forefront of your mind.

3. Goal achievement

Believing you can achieve your goals through customer satisfaction.

Businesses that are marketing focused:

* Understand that customer satisfaction is key to business success

* Understand how consumers make decisions

* Tailor their marketing mix to match consumers’ choice

* Carry out market research

* Monitor market changes

* Look for gaps in the market

* Aim to be efficient and effective (I’ll cover this in another blog post)

Answer these questions

1. What sets your business apart from your competitors?

2. What ‘added value’ are you currently offering to your customers?

3. What are you doing to delight your customers?

Now create your action plan

Get a USP

If you don’t have a USP (unique selling proposition), get one!

What can your business excel at? Customer service? Product quality? Product range?

Your USP is the reason why consumers buy from YOU over the competitor.

Write down ideas for your USP

Ask your customers and clients for their take on what is unique about your business and why they buy from you. Write down their views.

Share your USP

If you have a USP, do your customers know about it? If you haven’t made a song and dance about your USP yet then you need to make sure that you get the message out there about it as soon as possible.

Here are a few ideas of how to ensure everyone knows what your USP is

· Within your email signature

· In the company newsletter

· On the business website

· On the blog

· On facebook

· On twitter

All your staff should be briefed on what your USP is, why it’s important and how they can communicate this when dealing with clients.

Where else could you include your USP so people are really clear why they should buy from you?

Consumers face a multitude of choices every day, it’s your job to make their decision to buy from you over the competitor is made that little bit easier.

Delight your customers

Exceeding your customer’s expectations is easier than you think. All you have to do is give them a little more than they expected. You can achieve this in two ways;

1. Keep your customer’s expectations at a level that you can easily deliver at. Under promise, over deliver

2. Create ‘added value’ in your augmented product, this is all the bits that aren’t the ‘actual’ product i.e. customer service, shipping, packaging, bonuses.

What ONE thing can you add or change to your augmented product that would delight your customers this month? This doesn’t have to cost much. We all know that it’s the little unexpected things that delight us most in life.

Implement this new feature or practice this month.

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