What is Customer Satisfaction?

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Customer satisfaction occurs when the perceived value of a product is realised when the consumer purchases the product.

Look at the following example;

I go out for a meal, my expected benefits may include: a tasty meal, clean surroundings, good table service, friendly waiting staff, a place to hang my coat, a choice of meals for various dietary requirements etc.

Customer satisfaction is achieved when all or the vast majority of the above are fulfilled. Customer delight occurs when all the above are fulfilled to an extremely high standard or there are unexpected benefits, for example an amuse bouche, complementary bread or an exceptionally helpful waitress.

Customer dissatisfaction occurs when very few of the expected benefits are realised or when sacrifices are more severe than expected.

As marketers (and anyone who is in business is ultimately a marketer) we must constantly ensure that we’re meeting or exceeding our customers’ expectations. Consumers may become accustomed to being ‘delighted’ more often than not which makes the job of exceeding their expectations harder. Innovation and paying attention to the customers’ needs and wants will help you to continually achieve customer delight.

Remember, happy customers are returning customers, so for those willing to put in the effort there is just reward.

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