Building A Constant Flow Of Customers

This month, reconnect with past clients and customers and sell them something else.

Do you have a database of people who have bought from you already?

How could you get in touch with them?

What could you offer that recognises your existing relationship?

How can you make your offer limited in some way to encourage people to take action?

Write down your offer and how you will communicate it.

Make sure you follow up and remind people when your offer is about to expire.

Adding Value

What ONE way can you add value to your products and services and delight your customers?

Where I am now

My cost per customer is (total customers/marketing expenditure)

My profit per customer is (total revenue/total customers)

Is my marketing strategy providing a fair value exchange?

What isn’t working? What do I need to stop doing?

What should I start doing instead?

The answers to these questions should form the basis of a plan.

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