Be in the right place

Over the past few posts I have covered; how to get your product right for your target market, how to set the right price, and how to ensure your promotions reach your target market.

Today we have one final consideration before you can start making your plan.

Your products and services need to be where your clients can access them.

Are your target customers able to easily access your products to buy them?

Do you have a shop? Is it in the right location?

Are your products stocked in the right shops, the shops your target customer frequents?

Consider all the ways your customers can access your products, are there any other ways you are currently missing?

Once you’ve done this you can start to make a plan.

1. Product – what changes if any, will you make?

2. Price – what changes if any, will you make?

3. Promotion – what marketing activities must you drop? Which will provide a better ROI?

4. Place – Which distribution channels would help you get to your target customer? Which channels might give you an edge over the competition?

Would being able to sell via the internet help your business to grow?

Would moving into certain distribution channels give you a competitive edge?

Considering the above should give you the beginnings of a plan that you can begin to action.

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