The Four P’s of Online Marketing

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Most businesses, if not all should have some sort of presence online. These are the four P’s you need to focus on for success online.


The first. The best. The highest quality. The cheapest. That’s positioning. Positioning is about being clear about who you are and ensuring that all aspects of your marketing mix communicate that.

Ask yourself now;

· What am I?

· What do I do?

· How do my customers see me?

· What do my customers need me to be?

Now ask yourself;

· Do my customers know what I am and what I do?

· What are the main areas that I can improve?

· What else can I do to communicate what I am and what I do?

Make notes, they will eventually become the beginnings of a plan.


This relates specifically to email marketing. You need the permission of your target customers to market to them. How do you get that permission? Trust, loyalty, authority…something free to entice them?

How can you gain the trust and loyalty of your customers so they will give you permission to contact them in the future?


Incoming links and guest posts are a great way to drive traffic. Creating valuable partnerships online is very important.

Joint venture partners that will promote your products for an affiliate commission are very useful when it comes to launching products online.

Who can you work with that will help you both succeed in your goals? What partnership can you create today that will help you grow your business?


The ability to analyse stats and understand how your online marketing strategy is working. Being able to track performance and analyse gives you the power to make informed decisions on what is and isn’t working.

How can you take this information and use it to improve your leads and conversion? Incremental improvements add up to big changes over time.

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