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How To Do Market Research

Whether you already have a business or you’re just starting a business, market research is an integral part of the process, but where do you start? Carrying out proper market research removes much of the guess work regarding what your clients and prospective clients want and need from your business. The arrogant business owner will […]

Delegation For Small Business Owners

To grow a business you absolutely must learn to delegate. I find it hard to delegate, but it’s really important if you want to be able to grow your business. When and what to delegate; 1. Delegate things you hate – you’ll always find excuses not to do things you hate, delegate them and ensure […]

Innovation in Business

We’ve all heard the word innovation bandied around but what does it really mean and why is it so important to a business? In a nutshell innovation is progress. It’s taking an opportunity or idea and bringing it to market in the form of a product, service or improvement. However innovation isn’t just amazing new […]

5 Lessons Business Owners Can Learn from Innocent

In 7 years Innocent went from a turnover of £0 in 1999 to £75m in 2006. From 3 employers to 105. From 0% market share to a staggering 62%. It’s this kind of growth many small business owners can only dream of. Today the company turns over £115m, and all this from a headquarters called […]

Strategies for Business Success

Three strategies for business success 1. Be First Being first at something gives you a number of benefits. You can market yourself as ‘authentic’ and ‘original’ and in doing so you can charge a premium. Being first you will start out with no competition at all, this will give you a chance to develop your […]

Starting a Business

People who start their own business are the ones who stop talking about their dreams and plans and actually make them happen Matt Thomas, Starting your own shop I’ve heard variants of this so many times now that I’m forced to believe there is some truth in it. Almost every entrepreneur I’ve ever studied has […]

Blogging for Business

What is a blog? The word ‘blog’ is shortened from its full title ‘weblog’ and a blog is just that, a ‘web’ ‘log’. A log, journal or collection of articles on any topic. What is a business blog? A business blog is an ongoing log about your business. It can comprise articles about your business […]