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How to Design and Carry Out a Survey: Part 3

Part 1 and Part 2 first. It’s time to dig that list out from part one. Here was mine; • Can I teach people to teach their parrot to talk via an eBook? • Do parrot enthusiasts like eBook or do they prefer other methods of training such as video • What is the demand? […]

How to Design and Carry Out a Survey: Part 1

Carrying out a survey can be a time consuming task. First you need to design your survey, then you need to find and gain access to your target audience, you need to carry out the survey and finally you need to collate and analyse the results. You don’t want to go through that whole process […]

Working to Your Natural Rhythm

Before the industrial revolution and mass employment people didn’t work a rigid 9-5pm working pattern. Life was not easy but the pace of life was much slower. Most people worked the land and made the things that they needed by hand. I expect that the way they lived their lives was guided by the animal’s […]

9 Basic SEO Tips for New Businesses

SEO stands for search engine optimisation. Search Engine Optimisation helps your business gain visibility in search engines. Better visibility means more traffic to your site and more sales. You can begin implementing these tips immediately. 1. Blog post title Ensure that your post titles, where relevant, include your keywords and phrases. Your chosen keywords and […]

11 Ways to Gain More Freedom

If you ask someone the question “what would improve your life right now?”, most people will answer with “more money!”. However if you dig a little deeper, what most people desire is increased freedom and their belief is that more money will help them achieve that. In reality, more money is only part of the […]

Who or what will pay you in 3-5 years?

Have you considered where your income will come from in three years time? What about in five years time? The only thing we can be sure of is that life is uncertain, we’re all in a constant state of change. Twenty years ago people may have felt secure in their jobs, today that is not […]

6 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Work for Free

Many people when they first launch a service business are tempted to offer their services for free to gain experience and build a customer base. I believe this is a false economy and doesn’t help you do either. Here are six reasons why you should never work for free. 1. Performance Your performance will not […]

Are You Missing Opportunities?

The world is full of opportunities. Some people are natural opportunity spotters, others have trained themselves to be so. As an entrepreneur one of the things you need to get really good at is spotting the opportunities that will allow you to move closer to your goals. Here are some reasons why you may be […]

Why Feeling Successful is Important for Business

If you’re ambitious it’s easy to always feel like you’re failing. There’s always room for improvement; better productivity, increased sales, bigger profits, more diversity. That doesn’t mean you’re failing now. By acknowledging your success you gain confidence and you will spot more opportunities when you’re in a positive headspace. Suggestions for feeling successful; * Keep […]