Marketing West Lothian

Developing Your Business Mission

When you first launch your business, there's a driving force, a vision of what you could achieve. Your business mission is your raison d'être, your 'reason for being'. Beyond the money, why are you in business? This is GAP's business…
Small Business Marketing West Lothian

My Guide To Gigging

I was reading an Observer article this week, apparently only 25% of adult Americans now work a full-time job. They've called this new way of working multiple jobs 'gigging'. Almost ten years ago I discovered the idea of 'multiple streams…
marketing west lothian

The Four P's of Online Marketing

Most businesses, if not all should have some sort of presence online. These are the four P's you need to focus on for success online. Positioning The first. The best. The highest quality. The cheapest. That's positioning. Positioning…

Small Business Marketing Strategy

I believe that all small businesses have the ability to market themselves well. Great small business marketing isn't about throwing money at expensive advertising in a bid to try and compete with big businesses. Less is expected of small…

Be in the right place

Over the past few posts I have covered; how to get your product right for your target market, how to set the right price, and how to ensure your promotions reach your target market. Today we have one final consideration before you can start…